This morning we woke up in a country that has changed, in a different Italy.

A better Italy which now reflects more generously our sense of justice, our ideals and our values. We are the same as yesterday, yet aware that from today our country is capable of more love and is writing a new page in its and our history and in the lives of all of us and of our families.

We are the same, but a hand had to raise in approval – 372 hands had to raise – in order for the representatives of our sovereignity, in full respect of the laws of the land, to declare us also more equal.

A historic injustice has been corrected, an injustice that has for long been only a part of the collective memory in many countries which we like to compare ourselves.

From today, our path to equality, inclusion and respect – the path to freedom – will be less steep. We need to be aware of it. At Parks – its staff and all our member companies – we are proud to have contributed to the achievement of this freedom for all, through good examples we have given with our daily actions.

Examples also on those questions related to family lives that are still not available to all.

We shall continue on this path and we thank all those that have helped this dreamcome true for all of us.

Our great friend David Mixner has said that there is no such thing as a perfect path towards the civil rights for all. That no victory is more or less important. That every victory, every step, shows that we are capable of greatness.

And this has been a great victory.

Today is the moment for celebration.

Tomorrow we shall be back at work, even more aware of the greatness that we are capable of.

Igor Suran