Global Inclusion through LGBT Inclusion

Parks – Liberi e Uguali

Parks – Liberi e Uguali is a non-profit making organization, whose members are exclusively employers, created with the aim of helping partner companies to understand and attain maximum business opportunities deriving from the development of strategies and good practices that respect diversity.

At Parks we believe that inclusion and respect can only really make a difference when they encompass everybody.

That is why we adopted as our mission a precise and prevalent focus on that area of Diversity Management which is culturally most demanding, that is to say the part related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

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Parks’ underlying mission is to help businesses build a culture of inclusion and respect and follows an underlying notion that capitalizing on differences and encouraging inclusion in the workplace represents an enormous opportunity and a competitive business advantage.

By signing up with Parks businesses can count on a series of tailor made activities conceived to guarantee an inclusive and respectful working environment.

Parks offers education and training, external and internal communication, advice on pay policy and benefits that measure up to the needs of the LGBT workforce.

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Sace Simest aderisce a Parks

Sace Simest, il Polo dell’export e dell’internazionalizzazione del Gruppo CDP si unisce all’importante gruppo di aziende che hanno deciso di assumere un ruolo attivo nello sviluppo, anche in Italia, di una cultura che valorizzi e sostenga la diversity LGBT


Why Parks?


Press Review

Vanity Fair: David Mixner, storico attivista gay

Nel numero 12 di Vanity Fair del 23 marzo 2016 è uscito un bellissimo articolo a firma di Marco De Martino in cui si parla di David Mixner e dello spettacolo "David Mixner Show - Oh Hell No!" che sarà al Teatro Elfo Puccini di Milano il 18 aprile 2016.

Grazia: Lavoro e non mi nascondo

Nel numero 9/2016 del settimanale Grazia è uscito un bellissimo articolo a firma di Silvia Icardi in cui si parla di donne lesbiche che hanno deciso di non nascondersi più nel posto di lavoro.


Global Inclusion

Membership of Parks means capitalizing on talent. it means promoting a sustainable business model and joining an innovative project that encompasses the most important italian companies.

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