Parks LGBT+ Diversity Index is a pioneering benchmarking study in Italy enabling members of the LGBT community to have information on the most virtuous companies for them to work in

The Project:

Launched in 2013, the Index is an instrument which measures a company’s success in the implementation of a respectful and inclusive working environment for its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual/transgender employees.
Through this project Parks has introduced for the first time in Italy the concrete possibility to measure progress in this area of activity. With the creation of the Index, Parks has introduced into the Italian market an element of good competition between employers.

The Index measures the commitment of company management to the LGBT community in Italy and allows single companies to monitor the details of their own progress and their position relative to competitors.

The Questionnaire:

Through the questionnaire the Index is able to appraise the company’s strategies aimed at the creation of an inclusive and respectful working environment: the commitment of management to the concession of benefits and leave to same gender partners, questions relating to training and internal and external communication.

Initially only a small sample of companies were involved but by the second edition it was extended to all companies operating in Italy.


he final aim of the Index for Parks is that it become instrumental in understanding that building on diversity and inclusion means investing in talent and on the future development of the business. Never before has it been so important to invest in intelligence, in company culture, in a corporate image that values excellence and social responsibility especially in this moment of acute economic difficulty when employees require different forms of motivation other than the traditional economic ones.