Helping businesses build an inclusive culture

Parks’ underlying mission is to help businesses build a culture of inclusion and respect and follows an underlying notion that capitalizing on differences and encouraging inclusion in the workplace represents an enormous opportunity and a competitive business advantage.

By signing up with Parks businesses can count on a series of tailor made activities conceived to guarantee an inclusive and respectful working environment.

Parks offers education and training, external and internal communication, advice on pay policy and benefits that measure up to the needs of the LGBT workforce.

Our main areas of action are the following:

  • Organizational consultancy
  • Training
  • Internal surveys
  • Organization of events
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Dedicated areas

The projects are tailor made by a team of experts and conceived for the employees of the contracting businesses.

Parks’ activity aims to promulgate new seeds of knowledge helping to grow the good sides of Diversity Management thus contributing to the preparation of a progressive entrepreneurial world able and willing to embrace diversity in a positive manner.

Parks Activity

Activities for non members

As a way of networking with businesses that are not presently able to attain member status, some activities can be accessed from outside the Association. It is therefore possible to receive advice on how to set up a LGBT diversity scheme or how to set up single activities.

If you require further information please contact us.