Founder and Honorary President
Founder and Honorary PresidentIvan Scalfarotto
Member of Italian Parliament
Executive Director
Executive DirectorIgor Šuran

Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors of  Parks – Liberi e Uguali is the governing body of the Association. It is made up of between five and eleven members chosen as representatives from among the employees of the business partners, and is presided over by a single member elected by the Board itself. The Executive Director is a non elected permanent member of the Board.

(Members of Board of Directors from 16 february 2021)

PRESIDENTGiulietta Bergamaschi
Managing Partner – Lexellent
Engagement Manager – TIM
BoD Member
BoD MemberFabio Cantatore
Managing Director & Senior Partner – Boston Consulting Group
BoD Member
BoD MemberSara Regine Hassett
Vice President, Corporate Affairs – Baker Hughes
BoD Member
BoD MemberFerdinando Poscio
Partner – Clifford Chance
BoD Member
BoD MemberBarbara Saba
Chief Executive – Johnson&Johnson Foundation
BoD Member
BoD MemberCarlamaria Tiburtini
Inclusion Leader – GE Avio Aero